Recycling – green and profitable?

Recycling makes cents!Recycling is often thought of as a way to reduce your carbon footprint, go green and help protect the environment. This is of course true! These are economically challenging times however and recycling can make a big difference to your own pocket book and the economic prosperity of your community. Consider the following:
Recycling Saves Money
Typically when you purchase a product like paper or aluminium the associated materials need to be extracted from the environment. This is an increasingly expensive endeavor and rarely and environmentally friendly one. Products made from recycled materials avoid this step altogether saving on manufacturing and productions costs. These cost savings, in a competitive and open free market, are then passed on to the consumer. Further to that as recycling proliferates the amount of material that heads to the local (or not so local) landfill is decreased.
Recycling Creates Jobs
Recycling creates private sector businesses (like us) that by their very nature depend on the local community for survival. A typical recycling operation requires material sorters, dispatchers, truck drivers, sales representatives and process specialists. Further to that they will, at the very least, contract out for chemical engineers and and environmental specialists. How does this affect your community? All of these people typically live close to work – and they spend the money they make, in their community, spreading the economic benefit around.
A Promising Industry
Recycling is a new, but budding industry.  In California the recycling industry is larger than the entertainment industry. California is seen as a world leader in environmental stewardship and recycling technology. Their recycling industry is supported by government (who actively assist entrepreneurs in setting up private recycling enterprises) and citizens alike and continues to flourish. Fortunately for those in the Capital Region our very own CRD, responsible for governing recycling related matters, is very forward thinking and pro-recycling. We may not have California weather but we are well on our way to having a California like recycling industry!

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