A carpet made of beverage containers? Does not sound very comfortable…

Many people recycle but few know what actually happens with their recycling after they have dropped it off or the recycling truck has taken it away. There are actually a lot of cool items that are made from your recycling – you may even be wearing it, sitting on it or even driving on it!


Make Recycling a Family Affair

It wasn’t long ago that recycling seemed like a choice. You were either someone who made the effort to do it or you weren’t But with our natural resources becoming increasingly scarce, and our planet overwhelmed with toxic waste, recycling is no longer a choice but something each one of us must […]

Recycled Halloween

Without a doubt, the best part about Halloween is dressing up. Unfortunately, Halloween is also a wasteful holiday as each year millions of people buy ready-made costumes, wear them once and then throw them away. This year, instead of creating more waste, lets get creative.

Check out these great ideas for making costumes from […]

Recycle Your Leaves – Fall is Coming

Do any of these scenarios sound like something you’d do:

1) Withdraw money from an ATM machine and quickly deposit it into a nearby trash can.

2) Drive your car to the nearest underpass or bridge and leave it running with the keys inside.

3) Take a ferry out to the middle of […]

Five Step Guide to Recycling For Small Businesses

Small businesses can benefit from recycling in a number of ways. For one, recycling is good for business, because it improves companies’ public image and attracts consumers that care about green practices. Recycling is also good for businesses simply because it fosters environmental stewardship within an organization, which can boost employee morale and help […]

Do We Really Need Single Use Plastic Bags?

These plastic bags are so convenient and easy to use. When they first came out they were viewed as another example of human innovation. Like many of our ‘innovations’ the long term effects these products have on our world is not always so rosy. Single use plastic bags are one of those things (like bottled […]

Suck It Up And Stop Using Plastic Straws!

Straws are something that are introduced to us as kids – they are fun, delightful and let’s be honest, prevent spilling catastrophes among young children. Straws themselves aren’t exactly the problem – the fact that the vast majority are made from non-recyclable plastic is. North America uses more than 500 millions straws…PER DAY! Most of […]

Recycling – green and profitable?

Recycling is often thought of as a way to reduce your carbon footprint, go green and help protect the environment. This is of course true! These are economically challenging times however and recycling can make a big difference to your own pocket book and the economic prosperity of your community. Consider the following: […]

We recycle – what else can we do?

In your kitchen or on your porch you have all sorts of recycling containers – one for paper, one for plastic, one for cans, and another for glass. You keep all your used batteries, light bulbs, and printer cartridges in another container and ensure that they are disposed of properly every month. Your household is […]

It’s Waste Reduction Week

The Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) is celebrating their annual event – “Waste Reduction Week”. While the RCBC is focused on British Columbia, the actual event is a nation wide initiative providing information, programs and special incentives for local communities. Some of the highlights include:

Ease my load – http://on.fb.me/nlAuaY This campaign is designed […]