Recycled Halloween

Without a doubt, the best part about  Halloween is dressing up. Unfortunately, Halloween is also a wasteful holiday as each year millions of people buy ready-made costumes, wear them once and then throw them away. This year, instead of creating more waste, lets get creative.

Check out these great ideas for making costumes from materials already around your home, plus we found a few funky homemade Halloween decoration projects.

Walking Art

This first costume is an easy one for adults and children.  All of you need is a square piece of fabric (like an old bed sheet), wire, fabric glue, some paint and voila! You are a precious piece of art. We recommend you stick to modern art to pull this one off.

Recycled Robot

Think “Outside The Box” and make an awesome Halloween costume using just a box and a few supplies.  All it takes is a little incentive and a bit of creativity and you have a cool Space Robot.

Broken Umbrella Bat

We have Bram Stoker to thank for this one. In his 1897 novel, Dracula, he associated the mythical “vampire” with the bat. Yes, there is a species of bat that drinks the blood from livestock, but Dracula has made the bat into a feared and scary creature.

For this costume, whether you decide to go as Dracula or a bat, you will need scissors, duct tape, needle and thread, a black hoodie and an old broken umbrella (we all have one of these; the umbrella we never throw away and think will magically fix itself!). We were going to try and explain it ourselves, but we feel the Evil Mad Scientists do it better. Click here for complete instructions.

Creepy & Creative Recycled Decorations

One of our favorite homemade Halloween decorations is the Apple Shrunken Head. It’s a great way to use up some of those apples off the tree and a great way to show your kids that healthy food can be fun. Check out Our Best Bites for complete instructions.

If you plan on staying home to give out treats this Halloween, a great way to light up (and most importantly  spook up) the pathway  to your front door is with illuminated ghost faces.  They’re simple and quick to make and a great way to reuse your plastic milk jugs. All you need are some clean 4 litre milk jugs, a black permanent marker, a craft knife and a string of clear low-wattage Christmas lights or flameless plastic tealights. Check out the Eighteen25 blog for step-by-step instructions.

Whether it’s turning an old bed sheet into a piece of art, making an apple into a creepy creature, or anything in between, get creative with everyday items around the house and make this Halloween a recycled Halloween!

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