Suck It Up And Stop Using Plastic Straws!

Straws are something that are introduced to us as kids – they are fun, delightful and let’s be honest, prevent spilling catastrophes among young children. Straws themselves aren’t exactly the problem – the fact that the vast majority are made from non-recyclable plastic is. North America uses more than 500 millions straws…PER DAY! Most of these straws end up in land fills, streams or oceans floating in giant masses of plastic garbage. Getting rid of straws isn’t necessary, but considering alternatives to the plastic straw really is. Consider the following:

Paper straws can be very fancy, can be composted and are great for parties. Metal straws can literally last forever and bamboo straws fit right in the middle – they last a very long time and are completely renewable, biodegradable and compostable.


The only downside to non-plastic straws is that they are initially more expensive. Over the long run they are much cheaper and of course much better for the environment. If you would like to purchase alternative straws or learn more about the anti-plastic straw movement, we highly suggest you check out: . This organization was started by Milo Cress who at the time was in grade 4!

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